Papua New Guinea

Once a year, a big tribal gathering is held in Goroka, Papua New Guinea. There are over 800 different tribes in the country, most with their own language and traditions. During this event, they come from all over the country to demonstrate their cultures.

A warrior showing off his most beautiful feathers and jewelry in Goroka, Papua New Guinea.
These men are performing in a sing sing in Goroka, where they dance and sing to show their tribe's culture.
Tribes commonly use very bright colored fac paint.
Many Papuan tribes use leaves and branches for decoration in their traditional clothes.
Papua tribe chief during a traditional ceremony.
Feathers are one of the most precious possessions in tribal Papua New Guinea.
Once a year tribes from different regions in Papua New Guinea gather in the town of Goroka to show their local culture.
Tribe members playing drums.
A tribesman from the Asaro region covered in moss and charcoal, playing a bamboo flute during the Goroka Show. Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.
Kina is the currency in Papua New Guinea, meaning shell. Until 1933, actual shells were used as money. Even now, some islands still recognize shells as legal currency. And it makes for great necklaces, too!
Papuan woman wearing tradional straw clothing.
When the Asaro tribe was chased out of their village by a neighbouring tribe, they hid in a nearby river. When they got back to shore at dawn, they where covered in mud. This scared their enemies, who thought they were the ghosts of the Asaro. Since that day, they where mud as their hunting outfit.
Little boy wearing hat and makeup made of natural products in Papua New Guinea.
In 1933 shell money was abolished in Papua New Guinea. It is still used in local customs such as paying bride money. The currency used today is named after the Papua word for shell: Kina.
The Goroka Show is a contest between about a hundred different groups from all over the country. They sing and dance all day, in order to impress the jury. This old Papuan man didn't settle for any less than first place. Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.
Boy wearing natural camouflage in Papua New Guinea.

Location Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

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